Justen Williams


Justen Williams is an actor, comedian and podcaster from Streetsville Mississauga, Ontario Canada. He was born to Lisa and Andrew Williams, he is an only child. A lover of animals, comedy, music and sports. Justen is also a black belt in Go-Ju Karate.

He has worked with four podcasts throughout his life: Gift of Gab, Toronto Talks Sports, Stellar Sound and Pro Sports Podcasters. Speaking with people is a way of life for Justen Williams and he really wants to make this his life goal.

Since Justen was not allowed animals in the house, he grew up focusing his love on the entertainment world and sports. Although he doesn’t play a musical instrument, he still appreciates the hard work and dedication that is required to master the art. Everything about music has always fascinated him, from writing lyrics to creating a unique sound; he always wondered what made a creative artist tick.

In college, Justen began dabbling in stand-up as a way to release stress. Since stepping on stage, he was hooked! That’s where 90% of his focus would be on. Shortly after that, he started acting as well. From that industry, Justen made connections to various other artists (dancer, musicians, singers/rappers, etc) and noticed how he would drill them with questions as to: “How did you get into this field?”, “Who inspired you?”, “What are you most proud of?”

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