Radina Dimcheva


"I’ve always been a rather self-reflective and artistically-inclined person. I remember growing up surrounded by music in different shapes & forms. My mom used to place a headset on her tummy while I was still in the womb, playing the likes of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Simply Red and MC Hammer. My dad has always been a connoisseur of classic rock giants, such as Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Foreigner and Black Sabbath. No wonder my taste in music developed into what I like to call “an eclectic mess”. Once my kindergarten music teacher noticed I could hold a straight tone without deviation, I was invited to perform the main roles in kid’s plays. Shortly after, I joined a children’s choir in my hometown of Varna, Bulgaria, until about the age of 10, parallel to playing the piano and studying English."

"I always had a pronounced interest in creative pastimes, with a heavy accent on music in particular. Singing became sort of a coincidental discovery, in a sense that being a choir member didn’t immediately spark the desire to develop further as a singer. It wasn’t until my teenage years that I discovered I actually had daydreams about it. It kind of became the medium through which I chose to express myself in a way that I otherwise couldn’t.

I remember very vividly receiving two cassettes for my 13th birthday. One was a Britney Spears cassette, the other one was Linkin Park’s “Meteora”. Listening to Meteora for the first time was a moment, forever etched in my emotional memory. I was in awe of what was possible in the realms of musical genres. Up until that moment, I had never heard anything remotely similar to this. It felt exhilarating and opened my eyes to a whole new world, which was about to expand in the years to come.

In high school, my love for heavier music grew deeper. At first, it was symphonic metal, then gothic music, a lot of heavy metal classics and Scandinavian folk. It all eventually led me to a new-found love for progressive music, especially progressive metal, upon being introduced to Ayreon’s “The Human Equation” (one of Arjen Lucassen’s mastermind projects). That is where my affinity with prog rock/metal began, and ultimately led to one of the best shows I have ever participated in - The Theater Equation in September 2015, where I was chosen to be one of the Epic Rock Choir singers, among a cast of greats, such as James LaBrie, Magnus Ekwall, Mike Mills, Anneke van Giersbergen, Marcela Bovio, etc. and a bunch of incredible instrumentalists.

Ever since then, next to my regular job which pays the bills :), I have been involved with the prog rock & metal scene, predominantly in The Netherlands. I am currently a vocalist in Dreamwalkers Inc, Infloyd & Just Leo; Participated in TDW`s al bum The Antithetic Affiliation - The Cynic/The Antithetic Affiliation - The Idealist; Contributed vocals for Australian proggers Hemina and The Gentle Storm. Happy to say I am working on a solo release as well.
For me, music is guidance, expression, trance, and in a sense - accessible magic to all of us. As a host in the Stellar Sound Podcast, I get to converse with all these genre-defying witches and wizards of music we might not have yet heard of, wherein boundless creativity resides. Creativity which holds the potential to inspire you, so that you can in turn inspire others and pay it forward. "

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