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Episode 5: Ania Anahata
Season 1

Ania Anahata


Talented Ania Anahata is a multi-instrumental and vocal artist. She is a violinist, violist, vocalist, music therapist, EFT coach and a meditation teacher.

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Our team

We are an international team of talented and passionate young volunteers working for this cause from home. As a group of musicians and music enthusiasts, we are channeling strong passion through our work and having fun in the process.

Great, dedicated professional crew of people. It was my utmost pleasure to take part in the podcast.

Aleksandra Denda

Aleksandra Denda, guest

I don't listen to a lot of podcasts but in the past I've listened to some music podcasts where big bands were guests. What I like about this podcast is that it gives attention to smaller musicians.

Anonimus survey participant 

Thank you to Stellar Sound Podcast for creating such a wonderful space for independent musicians and giving us the chance to speak up and share what we do. High quality crew and professional expertise.

Orlando Dees

Orlando Dees, guest

It was great how the interviewers were actually interested in what guest had to say and asked great follow up questions.

Anonimus survey participant 

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