What is Stellar Sound Podcast?

The Stellar Sound Podcast brings you inspiration by interviewing the most creative, innovative, unique, eccentric, and ground-breaking musicians from Europe.


Our vision is a world that appreciates quality music, supports good musicians, and industry that encourages exploration, creativity, and collaboration.

what we do


There are many unknown and outstanding music artists. By putting the spotlight on their craft in our Podcast, we are promoting their work.


If you are a music enthusiast, join our Stellar Music Community Discord server.


In these times it's not easy to keep up as a full time musician. In that sense, we are organizing a support for the most vulnerable.

The concept is great, the duration of the podcast is perfect, also the preparation work of the hosts, as well how they lead the interviews.

Zsolt Argyelan

Zsolt Argyelan, guest

I liked the voice of the interviewer very much. I also liked when they were talking about real serious topics in a so easy and relaxed manner.

Anonimus survey participant 

You guys are awesome and I love what you do. Great team of people, incredibly fun and welcoming host and I hope that you will only grow more and more. Keep it up!

Milan Miric

Milan Miric, guest

who we are

The magic we find in other people's originality is the spark that is driving our team.

We are based in Den Bosch, Utrecht, Niš, San Juan, Amsterdam, Paris, Toronto, Hague and Belgrade; working from home, connected by a universal mind.

Stellar Hosts:


"I call myself an artsy chameleon; everything creative would spark my interest. What brings me joy and meaning is being able to connect with people in a deep way over a certain topic; if that is related to art and music - even more so! I feel like singing allows me to express that in the best way. Currently, I am part of two bands, and the idea to join the Stellar Sound Podcast felt only natural. In my daily job, I am used to interviewing people, so I’m looking forward to all the insights we will gather. By education, I am a psychologist, and by heart - a creative, vocalist, and overall artistic and empathetic person."


"Hi there! My name is Justen Williams. I am a comedian, actor and podcaster from Toronto, Ontario Canada. I used to operate a solo podcast called “The gift of gab” where I would interview a wide range of local talent. As an actor, I have not done anything too big; but my claim to fame is a commercial on YouTube which has 1.2 Million views. I recently teamed-up with two other gentlemen to form Pro Sports Podcasters, where we interview athletes and where we shed light on sports which do not get enough TV time. Finally, as a comic (which is my true passion), I have performed in various cities across North America, and Germany. I look forward to e-meeting all of you!"

join us

We are always open for new volunteers. All passionate, like-minded pips should take the opportunity of joining the Stellar Team and contribute to the better music world.

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